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Bunny Creek 

I can't draw. I mean, I really team. Because I can't draw,

I never thought I could be an artist. That is, until I discovered that God had blessed me with a talent for color, texture and form. That discovery opened a whole new world for me and I began to explore a variety of mediums and techniques.

Recently I rediscovered making coiled baskets from yarn wrapped around a core. I began to explore the world of colors and textures in yarn and let my creative juices take over. The result is Bunny Creek . Although I use a traditional coiled basket technique, my designs are influenced more by pottery than by baskets . My pieces look so much like pottery that  from a distance people think my creations are pottery! Potters who have seen my work told me it truly is yarn pottery.

There are times when I start a piece knowing exactly what I want it to look like. But other times I decide on a general shape (round or oval) and let the yarn and process take me where it wants to go. Because I love swirls and curves, many of my baskets include a decorative coil component. I also love the look I achieve when I weave in pieces of driftwood I gather from our Washington state beaches.

I typically use acrylic yarn, because it is available in a wider variety of colors and textures and it is less likely to fray and pull apart. However, I also use wool/acrylic blends. I am always on the lookout for a new, unique yarn that I can't wait to turn into an extraordinary piece of art. Come back often to see what's new at Bunny Creek.

Linda Shea,

Yarn Potter